Wear by SER - Bespoke Bridal and Garment Alterations

Susan Rogers

Hello! My name is Susan and I am the owner of Wear by SER. My studio is based in Newtownabbey, just outside Belfast.

I specialise in bespoke bridal & occasion wear, whether traditional and classic or something a bit different, I’m ready to make your vision come to life! I also offer alterations and restyling of any kind.

Contact Me

I work on an appointment only basis, if you would like to make an enquiry please contact me.

Email: susan@wearbyser.com


A bespoke garment is an item made to your measurements and specifications; you can have pretty much anything you want! It’s best to book for your bespoke garment as soon as possible, but I would advise 8-10 weeks before your event.

For bespoke wedding commissions I would recommend getting in contact with me once you have your wedding date and venue confirmed. There are usually 3-4 appointments in the bespoke process, which are as follows;

  • Consultation

    This appointment usually takes about 30 minutes – 1 hour. The first 30 minutes is free.

    At our first consultation we discuss exactly what it is you are looking for. If you have pictures of styles you like, bring them along as that is a great starting point. I will guide you in selecting the design details and features that will flatter your individual shape, discuss any special requirements or requests you may have and advise you on the most suitable fabrics for your design.

    After the first 30 minutes you can decide whether you would like to take time to think about what we’ve discussed and come back at a later date for measurements, or if you are happy to continue we can take measurements then and there. The taking of measurements marks the start of the fitting process and thus charges begin from this point.

    Once we have a design that you love we can proceed with taking measurements. Depending on the final design a light cotton fabric may be used to drape over you to help in showing you how the design will look and to help in the pattern drafting process.

    I would ask that you please wear close fitting garments to allow accurate measurements (no chunky jumpers!) or have them with you to change into. It is also very important that you have the undergarments and shoes that you intend to wear with the bespoke garment as this will greatly alter the fit. It is also recommended to avoid wearing heavy make-up or tan during your fittings.

    By the end of the consultation we should have a finalised design, a guide for colour and fabric types, your measurements taken and your next appointment booked in.

    As studio space is limited I ask that no more than 2 additional people attend the appointment with you. Food and drink are not permitted in the studio.

    You may be hoping for a price quotation at this appointment. The cost of each garment will vary depending on design complexity and chosen fabrics. I will discuss costs once the design is finalised however this will only be an estimate and is still subject to change. If you have a budget, let me know and I will do my best to achieve your look within those parameters.

    Ask as many questions as you like and don’t be afraid to say if there is something you are not sure about! I’m more than happy to explain anything.

    Following the appointment, a contract will be digitally sent to you along with details for your deposit. Work will not begin until the contract is returned signed and the deposit is paid.

  • Toile Fitting

    This appointment usually takes 1-2 hours.

    A Toile is a garment made in cheaper sample fabric, usually cotton, in order to ensure the correct fit. This is made with your measurements following your consultation, and during this second appointment you will try it on and adjustments to the toile will be made if necessary.

    We will look at fabric samples that I have sourced based on the recommendations in the consultation and choose the final fabrics for your garment. The cost of the materials will be billed to you as an instalment and these will only be ordered once payment in received. Once we are happy with the fit then I will proceed to make the garment in the chosen fabric.

    If at this point you look at the toile and would like minor changes, such as a hem lengthened or shortened, now is the time to tell me. I understand that it’s hard to know these things in theory and having the design on may change your mind about these details. However, major changes to the agreed upon design will require an additional charge and most likely an extra toile fitting appointment.

  • Fitting of the Garment

    This appointment usually takes 1-2 hours.

    At this appointment you will try on the finished garment and any minor adjustments can be made. This appointment will be scheduled no sooner than 6 weeks before the event so that it is as good a fit as possible and if any alterations are needed that sufficient time is allowed.

  • Final Fitting

    This appointment usually takes 30 minutes – 1 hour.

    At this appointment we will have a final try on of the garment to ensure that everything is perfect. The final payment must be received prior to the garment being collected. The garment leaving the studio with you is confirmation that you are happy with it and thus no refunds on bespoke orders will be made.


Do you have a garment you love, but it’s just not quite right? Then you can avail of my alterations service. These prices are a guideline for basic services and may change depending on the complexity of the garment. Payment is to be made in cash upon collection.

The garment will not leave the premises until payment is made. Rush orders are possible depending on work load, but an additional fee will apply.


  • Trousers
    Trouser Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten £12
    Shorten suit trousers £15
    New zip plain £15
    Lengthen £15
    False hem plain (lengthen) £18
    Hem splits £15
    Shorten plain hem with lining £18
    Taper legs 2 plain seams £18
    Taper legs 4 plain seams £22
    New zip invisible £15
    Take in waist & seat £18
    Let out waist £16
    Re-hem (2 legs) £5
    New pockets £20
    Close pockets £6
    Poppers/ Hook/ Bar £3
    New elastic £15
    New button hole £4
  • Skirts
    Skirt Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten / lengthen hem £15
    Shorten with lining £18
    Shorten hem pleated £25
    False hem £15
    Let-out/take-in waist £16
    Let-out/take-in waist & hips £25
    Replace lining £25
    New zip plain £15
    New zip invisible £15
  • Blouses
    Blouse Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten / lengthen plain £12
    Narrow shoulders £15
    Shorten sleeves plain £10
    Buttons £1
    Take in sides, armhole to hem £15
  • Dresses
    Dress Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten plain £15
    Shorten with lining £18
    Take-in hips & waist £20
    Lengthen £15
    Let-out sides £24
    Let-out waist £20
    Re-hem £10
    New zip £18
    Shorten straps £15
    Shorten lined straps £18
    Hook & eye £4
    Add Snaps £2
    Alter neckline £16.50
    Remove Layer / Frill £10
  • Shirts
    Shirt Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten with shape £12
    Shorten sleeves £10
    Shorten sleeves with cuffs £15
    Take in sides £15
    Button hole £3
    Button £1
  • Coats
    Coat Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten £38
    Metal zip – to waist line £30
    Metal zip – 3/4 length £45
    Metal zip – full length £48
    Plastic zip / Chunky zip £28
    Shorten sleeves with buttons £28
    Shorten sleeves £25
    Take in (with lining) £45
    Take in sides & back £40
    New Elastic Cuffs £20
    Button £3
    Re-line sleeves £30
    Re-line 3/4 length without sleeves £80
    Full re-line £100
  • Suit Jackets
    Suit Jacket Prices
    Work Price
    Suit jacket shorten £35
    Shorten with vent £40
    Shorten sleeves £25
    Take-in £35
    Re-line (with 2 pockets) £90
    New sleeves lining £30
    Repair lining £12
    Repair pocket £12
    Button £2.50
  • Evening Wear
    Evening Wear Prices
    Work Price
    Shorten plain £30
    Shorten with lining £45
    Shorten chiffon layer £20
    Shorten chiffon layer with lining £28
    Shorten by hand £40
    Shorten beaded layer £38
    Shorten additional layer £10
    Shortening stiff tulle petticoat £20
    Shortening soft tulle layer £10
    Take-in £30
    Take-in with lining £40
    Take-in with boning £50
    Let-out £35
    New zip £20
    Change back style (from zip to loops) £60
    Shorten thin straps £15
    Shorten straps £25
    Alter shoulders £25
    Insert panel £30
    Make darts £20

Bridal Alterations

For bridal or bridal party alterations it is important that you book well in advance. You don’t need to have your dresses bought to book – all you need is your wedding date.

When to Book

Booking 6-8 months before your big day is best to guarantee your slot, but the sooner, the better! Remember your first appointment will be 6-12 weeks before the wedding so you want to grab that slot as soon as possible.

Urgent enquiries (6 weeks or less to the wedding date) may be possible depending on my availability, but a rush fee of £50 will be incurred and will not be deducted from your bill.

Things to Consider

When getting in touch about wedding alterations, please include in your message:

  • Your Wedding Date – please give the specific date so I can offer the best fitting date
  • How Many Dresses – include all dresses such as bridesmaids, flower girls, Mother of the Bride etc. This will dictate the length of your appointment and my availability to be able to book you in.
  • Dates That You Can’t Do – once you book in your fitting dates the option to change them later on is likely going to be restricted, so please inform me of any dates that are out of the question for you. I can’t guarantee that a change of dates will be possible.
  • Booking Fee/Deposits – A non-refundable £50 fee will be required to secure your date and I will send you the information on how to pay this. Your date may be wanted by another bride so I would encourage you to secure your date as soon as possible. This fee will be deducted from your final bill.


It’s good to have a budget set aside for your alterations. However, the final cost can depend on many things so it’s difficult to give you an exact figure. The complexity of the gown’s construction, if there’s lace, beading or sequins, whether you’re customising or resizing; there are so many variables that influence the cost.

I can only give my best estimate, but it’s important to remember that the final figure may be more. If you are on a strict budget, please let me know so we can come up with the best solutions for you.

Wedding alterations will require a contract to be signed before work begins. This contract will be sent to you via email after your first fitting and will require a digital signature.